School Funding Opinion Poll
Do you believe the Governor's assertion that the Supreme Court is to blame for the current school funding crisis OR are his policies to blame?
About This Survey

The questions for this survey were taken in-part from a recent opinion poll conducted online by the Kansas City Star.  This poll is intended to measure opinion and is not intended to be a scientifically conducted survey.
The Kansas Supreme Court should STOP telling the Legislature how to appropriate money for K-12 schools.

Kansas voters should send a message to the Supreme Court, as Republican leaders have called for, and oust some or all of the five justices up for retention in the November general election.

Brownback and the Legislature need to repeal the 2012 income tax cuts so the state can adequately support public schools.

Governor Brownback and his allies in the Legislature are simply using the Supreme Court as a scapegoat for failed policy.

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